Sworn Translation

Protranslate team of sworn translators consists of professionals experts at many fields such as legal translation, medical translation, technical translation, academic translation, and art translation. Sworn translation is a paid translation job which requires great legal responsibility. The document that needs sworn translation or urgent sworn translation is uploaded to our system by you and the most suitable sworn translator is instantly assigned to it. Sworn translation agencies are not as fast as our platform in terms of access. Thanks to our sworn translators who can translate fast, we quickly complete jobs needing urgency such as translation of insurance policies. The difference of our platform that works as a sworn translation agency is its speed and convenience. With sworn translation, we deal with translation of documents such as commercial correspondence, vital records, consular documents or documents of constitution. We offer English - Norwegian translation services as well. We even offer you notarized translation by having your documents notarized after the translation. Click "Get Instant Quote Now!" button and have your documents translated and certified.