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Legal translation is a challenging task even for professionals. Choose Protranslate for such projects to get the best results.

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Certified Legal Translation

It’s not always easy to find a trustworthy provider of certified legal translation services. Most legal documents require certified translation, but not all translation bureaus offer certified legal translations. Fortunately, Protranslate can come to the rescue! As a legal translation agency, Protranslate has provided language services to many customers at individual and corporate levels. We offer certified translations for all types of legal documents including marriage act, legal contract, professional agreement translation, and corporate translation services. Once you place your order, we assign your legal translation project to an available certified legal translator.

Protranslate has an extensive network of certified translators that translate from English into their native tongue or vice versa. Some examples of languages include English - Polish translation services, legal Persian translation, Latvian, Malay, Norwegian, and Hebrew. The current popular language pairs are English - Latvian, English - Malay and English - Norwegian translation services, which are among the top sellers at Protranslate.

Individual and Corporate Translation

Protranslate, just like most legal translation agencies, works with institutions and corporate firms as well as individual clients. The needs for each type of customer may differ, so we make sure to provide the most suitable service depending on the task at hand.

As legal documents include specific terminology and format that must be maintained during the process of translation, legal translation projects should be assigned to professionals who are experienced in legal documents. Legal documents cover an extensive area of expertise, so it is important for a specialized translator to be assigned. For example, the translation of a marriage act can be tricky due to the bureaucratical differences between countries. Similarly, a single typo or terminological error in a contract translation may put the client in a difficult position.

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Professional Legal Translation

In order to present you with a perfectly translated legal document, our legal translation company implements an in-depth quality control process before delivering your document online. We work with professional translators and proofreaders to deliver top-notch results. Protranslate can showcase its quality-oriented approach to translating through a number of successfully completed projects of many types, such as German legal document translation and Arabic legal translation. Protranslate takes pride in its leadership in the region as a professional legal translation services provider.

Whether it is an Italian legal translation or French legal translation services that you need, Protranslate can offer you a professional legal translator. Our company has a repertoire of translators that can translate any legal document into over 120 languages, including English – Hebrew translation, Japanese, Greek, Turkish, and Urdu. Japanese - Thai translation services are also in high demand. If you are lost among the many options of legal translation companies, make your life easier by choosing Protranslate, where your wish is our command.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Protranslate collaborates with native linguists to offer legal document translation services in more than 120 languages.
Yes, Protranslate offers certified legal translation services on the online platform.
Protranslate works with translators who can provide urgent translations and with DTP specialists who can preserve the format of your document. Just upload your document to our system to get started!
Protranslate calculates the total price of a legal document translation based on several factors including the total number of words, field of expertise, language pair, etc. You can send us your document to get your free quote today!
Yes, Protranslate’s legal translation team would be more than happy to help you with any project at any time. We take special care of our recurring customers!
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My Dubai translation office search is finally complete as I have found Protranslate providing all legal translation services online. Saved me a lot of effort.
Best legal translation Abu Dhabi has ever offered me. They work online and it is perfect for my needs.
Legal documents translation online has never been more fun. Not even a single typo in my translation ever.
Turkish legal translation services offered by a team of people knowing the legal terminology by heart. Great work.