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Official Document Translation

Official translation, sometimes referred to as certified translation, entails the translation of an official document such as a driver’s license, transcript, or marriage certificate. The certified translation of official documents can be submitted to a number of governmental bodies for bureaucratical purposes. Protranslate understands the importance of professional translation, and therefore only works with the best linguists in the industry.

Protranslate offers a wide range of professional linguistic services for both individuals and corporate entities. A standard translation would not be enough to fulfill the requirements of an official document’s translation, as this usually calls for an officially recognized stamp and a certificate that confirms the translator is competent and the translation is accurate. In such cases, an official certified translation would be the way to go. For instance, if you choose an official passport translation service, we will assign your order to a certified translator who can provide an accurate translation with a stamp.

Official Translation Office

Protranslate’s official translation services are available online 24/7 for local and international clients alike. The certified translator assigned to the translation of your document is chosen on the basis of the language combination you specify when placing your order. Our official translation office offers official translation services in many languages of high demand, including Spanish, English, French, Dutch, Chinese, German, Italian, Russian, and Swedish translation.

Protranslate makes use of a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure to minimize translation costs and provide customers with official translation services at the best possible prices. Thanks to this technology, you are not charged for the repeating text in your document. Instead, you are asked to make your payment according to the weighted word count, so you pay at a discounted rate. Our goal is customer loyalty so we aim to offer good-quality services that don’t break the bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer fast translation services in more than 120 languages for documents of all types.
Our quotes are prepared based on a number of factors including the total number of words, language pair, service level, etc. You can upload your document to our online platform for more detailed information on our pricing scheme,
We count on a team of professionals chosen among thousands of applicants who had to pass several tests. We conduct these screening tests so that only qualified translators can work on translation tasks.
We have proofreaders who can edit documents of all types in virtually any language! You can proceed by placing a proofreading order on our online platform.
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I had worked with a number of companies before, but none of them was diligent. I really appreciate your effort and hope to collaborate again.
Amazing customer service. Protranslate did a great job when I most need it. Thank you a bunch!
Definitely the next address I will visit for my future official translation and proofreading needs.
Recommend their translation services for sure. Accurate translation without any change in format.