Localization Service

Localization is defined as converting of a product, service or projects of a foreign origin to the target language. In localization translations, which include translation themes such as software translations, video games, websites and tourism translations, although reflection of the social language and culture of the target country is low but still necessary. During the localization translation units of measurement such as temperature, length and weight should be adapted to the target language. Localization is not a literal translation; it has to be done by taking the adaptation of all aspects into consideration. Protranslate platform has provided localization service for the countless number of firms. Turkey’s leader firms such as HandyCafe, Joygame, and international real estate portal EmlakTown.com are also included in our satisfied customer portfolio. We provide a professional, active and fast service also for many catalog and product brochure translations, user manual translations, documentary translations. and .po file translation. Localization translations are done by translators who offer their expertise in software, computer, and linguistics at the same time. We meet your or your firm’s translation needs on all subjects such as program localization, website localization, software localization, video game localization, mobile application localization, etc. Now you can get a quote by clicking on “Get Instant Quote Now!” button today and you can start your translation process for fair prices! ​