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Translation Cost Per Word


There are different methods translation firms use to calculate translation cost online. If you look at the website of an online translation service provider you may see that translation prices might differ depending on the provider. Some of them base their pricing on the professional translation cost per character, whereas some only charge their customers based on the translation cost per page.

Here at Protranslate professional translation agency, we have developed our user-friendly interface where you can easily receive online translation services in over 120 languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Korean, and Turkish in a few clicks. Once you have successfully uploaded your document to translate, you will be able to view the translation service cost.

Sworn Translation Cost Per Page

Since we want to offer our customers both affordable translation and high-quality translation services online, our professional translation bureau calculates the translation services cost based on the total word count. You can go ahead and upload your document or type any text in the text box, then fill out the necessary information to view the sworn translation service cost per word. You can also request fast translation service and proceed to checkout to view the quick translation cost

You will be first asked to select the source language and the target language(s) to begin with. Then you will be asked to choose the field of translation, such as Legal Translation, Medical Translation, General Translation or Technical Translation. Once you have specified the type of translation, be it professional translation or sworn translation, you can view our translation rate and the average translation costs for all types of translation like medical report translation costdocument translation services cost, certified translation cost or legal translation cost.

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Cost of Translation Services


One should not forget that translation management is crucial, especially for long term translation projects to both achieve accuracy and fasten the translation process. Therefore, it’s an important factor that you should keep in mind when you’re choosing your translation service provider. Protranslate translation office offers professional translation services tailored to your needs in over 120 languages which include Japanese, Turkish, Persian, Russian, Portuguese, Urdu, and Malay.

We offer our customers who choose Protranslate translation company professional proofreading service by our dedicated proofreading team which includes native speakers. Our proofreaders will carefully review every translation in terms of readability and check if there are any issues related to grammar and style. You can go ahead and contact us today to find out more about the cost of sworn translation provided by Protranslate online translation firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can upload your file(s) and fill out the necessary information to view our quick translation service cost and cost of urgent translation services.
We calculate our pdf translation service cost based on the total word count. You may view the cost of online pdf translation once you upload your pdf file to our system online.
Once you have selected the source and target languages and filled out the necessary information you can view our translation service cost per 1000 word or contact one of our representatives to find out more.
Protranslate is one of the few translation agencies where you can have access to first-class translation services online at an affordable rate. Time to time we offer discounts to our customers. Don’t forget to subscribe!
Yes, we offer an unlimited revision option to our customers to make sure they all are completely satisfied with the results.
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We constantly need translation in our work development and Protranslate means more than outsourcing for us, thanks to their punctuality and economic translation service cost.
Protranslate did an excellent job offered me online multilingual translation service. I can honesly recommend their service considering their language translation cost.
I don’t regret the localization service cost. My company decided to work with Protranslate in our upcoming web development steps. Cost of localization service is quite low compared to the quality.
They are neat and also professional. I would recommend their services, given their human translation cost. Don’t let machine translation service costs fool you and always think twice before you choose your provider.