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Mobile Application Localization Services


In today’s competitive world, as concepts like globalization, localization and digitalization become more and more popular every single day, companies tend to devote their time and money to meet the fast-paced demands of their customers. With the developments in technology and the widespread use of mobile devices, mobile applications now have an important place in terms of both prestige and recognition for companies of all sizes.

Therefore, official mobile application localization is vital to reach the potential users of your mobile application around the world in the target languages and offer them a smooth user experience in their native languages. Protranslate can help your business grow by making the application and software interface look native to the targeted market’s users .

Mobile Application Localization Online

To translate mobile apps properly, it is necessary to place the words correctly between the codes of the app and pay attention to the character limitations in order to prevent possible crashes. Providing localization services for mobile game applications on IOS and Android platforms, Protranslate team has proved expertise in the sector with the positive feedbacks of its customers by successfully carrying out numerous projects in this field.

Protranslate mobile software localization bureau only works with translators who have experience in mobile application localization and software localization. We also provide mobile game localization services.You don't have to worry mobile application localization charges when collaborating with us because we have set our prices at reasonable rates to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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Mobile App Localization Company


In other words, localization services are essential to ensure that your mobile application reaches its potential users in the best way possible. You can rely on our translators specializing in mobile app localization to address the differences in the cultural habits of your mobile app's target audience and the drawback of direct translation.

If you are looking for mobile application localization bureaus, you can rely on Protranslate language experts who offer professional mobile app localization services in over 60 languages including English, Russian, French, Italian and Arabic.What other online mobile application localization companies don't offer is a top notch localization service at a speedy delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With the developments in technology and the widespread use of mobile devices, professional mobile software localization has become vital for developers and entrepreneurs who wish to reach a certain target audience.
Yes, we do have a quick mobile app translation option. This period will vary depending on the length of the text in your software and the rate of word repetition. Your time is valuable, so we make it a priority to deliver your translation on the specified day and time.
No, we don’t charge our customers based on the total word count. Once we review the files you have uploaded to our system or sent one of our representatives, we will get back to you with a detailed report of the text in your mobile application which includes the repetition rate and percentage of duplicate text.
Yes, we provide proofreading services for android application localization and google play application translation. Our expert proofreaders carefully review your files and make sure they are error-free.
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I was looking for a professional mobile application localization agency when I found Protranslate. After a very short period of time, I was convinced that they could handle my project. Now I can proudly say that I was right. Thank you for everything!
Mobile application localization prices can be intimidating at first, but the way it gradually gets more feasible has given me confidence in my business. Thank you for explaining everything I asked with great patience.
I especially want to thank my customer representative who helped me all the way during the mobile app translation service. Great communication and understanding.
Thank you for your mobile application localization services and for providing those in a timely manner. Extra points for your great understanding of business etiquette. 5/5