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Data Annotation Service

Protranslate offers comprehensive services in many areas, including data annotation. As part of our company culture, we adopt a flexible approach when analyzing the requirements of each project. We recognize that every project is unique and that different tasks require different types of data annotation. Therefore, we offer a variety of services in data annotation, such as text annotation, audio annotation, image annotation, and video annotation, to provide the full range of services that is expected of a data annotation service company.

In AI projects, raw data, whether in the form of images, text or audio, lacks meaning until it is properly labeled using data tagging and annotation services. Data annotation empowers AI algorithms to recognize various objects, shapes, patterns and sub-objects in the data. We work with experienced annotators that are available 24/7 to annotate your data in line with your demands. Trust us as your data annotation company for all your annotation needs.

Text Annotation Services

Text annotation is the process of examining, paragraph by paragraph, texts written in one or more languages and presented to artificial intelligence, and annotating the elements that make up the text. Text annotations involve the identification, categorization, and annotation of each of the metadata that are important for the text semantically and meaning wise. The place, date, proper names, or figurative expressions in the data are detected.

Annotated texts are used to improve artificial intelligence, so working with professionals specialized in data tagging is essential for quality results. Whether you have a small dataset or require annotations at scale, we have the capacity to handle projects of all sizes. Protranslate’s team of experts follows a multi-stage project management process to guarantee that all your texts are accurately categorized and annotated in accordance with the desired purpose.

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Audio Annotation Services

Audio data plays an important role in today's digital world. There are many applications ranging from voice-detecting smart assistants to voice customer services. In this context, Protranslate's audio annotation services, which provide accessibility to voice data, aim to meet all your voice data needs in the most appropriate way. We don't specialize in just one type of audio data – we handle everything from audiobooks to podcasts and even from call center dialogues to natural speech snippets.

At Protranslate, we also provide voice, text, and many other transcription services. Audio transcription in particular is a complex process involving both technical and contextual aspects of audio. Our expert audio data annotators are here to provide high-quality, accurate audio annotation that serves the specific needs of our clients. If you are looking for reliable audio annotation services, fill out our form now!

Image Annotation Services

In today's data-driven world, the benefits of using an image annotation service extend beyond data organization. Image annotation, or image description, covers areas such as face recognition and facial expression annotation, as well as the description of elements such as animals, people, buildings, bridges, and plants found in the raw image presented to AI. With this process, artificial intelligence is expected to be able to capture all the nuances in the image presented to it and separate the image into components. Our expert team does its best to annotate images. Protranslate’s expert data annotation team is here to provide you with services such as semantic segmentation, face recognition, and object identification at affordable prices.

Image annotation services save businesses and researchers valuable time and resources. Outsourcing annotation tasks allows teams to focus on core tasks, accelerating project timelines and increasing productivity. Our image annotation service reaches customers through multi-stage annotation and quality control processes. In this process, all data transmitted to Protranslate is processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Contact Protranslate today to have your images professionally annotated!

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Video Annotation Service

In the last few years, there has been an increase in cross-platform video content and video data in machine learning models. In parallel, the demand for video annotation services has also increased. Whether you need video annotation for a YouTube video, livestream video, or MP4 video, Protranslate is here for you. Our team experienced in video data processing works to ensure you receive high-quality annotations. We know that video data can be nuanced, especially with temporal dynamics that are often critical for machine learning algorithms, so we employ only the best annotators who can provide you with accurate and rich annotations.

Our team specializing in text, audio, image, and video annotations is backed by strict quality control processes to offer you a seamless experience. Simply fill out the form to get detailed information about our data annotation services!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Annotation is the process of adding additional information, or annotations, to a document or dataset. They are usually added to various types of data such as text, images, audio, or video. Annotation helps provide further information, explain content, or highlight certain features.
Annotation has many different uses. In sign language, it can be used to explain words or sentences with visual cues. In film or television scripts, it can be used to indicate gestures or emotional tones to actors. It is used to add tags to text to create training data for search engines and natural language processing systems. Annotation is also of great importance in fields such as computer vision and machine learning.
In the area of data description services, an annotator refers to a professional who is responsible for adding labels, tags, or descriptions to various types of data. The role of an annotator is crucial in enhancing the understanding of the data and making it suitable for different industries.
We offer a variety of professional annotation services, such as image annotation, text annotation, audio annotation, and video annotation. We also offer customized annotation solutions, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing.
Data annotation prices are calculated based on different variables, including the size of the project, level of expertise required, and urgency of the project.
Yes! Our project managers will be available from start to finish to answer any questions, issue status updates, or provide further information.
Protranslate is equipped for projects of all types and sizes. No matter if you have a small dataset or require annotations at scale, our expert team has the capacity to annotate pictures, annotate videos, annotate audio files, and annotate pdf files. We offer accurate and consistent annotations while maintaining data integrity, even for large-scale projects.
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Their expertise in annotating books helped us analyze literary texts more effectively, their image annotation services significantly improved our computer vision models, and annotating PDFs was a breeze with their user-friendly platform.
Outstanding services for image annotations! They walked me through the process and responded to all of my questions very quickly.
They did a fantastic job annotating text data for our machine learning project. Will definitely choose them again when we need annotation services!
Protranslate's annotation service has been a game-changer for our data labelling needs. The annotators were meticulous in their work, ensuring accuracy and consistency in our datasets.