How do you evaluate the professional translators that provide services on your platform?
All translators are pre-screened via trial translations and can only provide services if they pass the screening process. Once the translators pass the screening process, they are categorized based on their experience level and topic of expertise.

Do the translators on Protranslate platform use any computer based translation?
All translations provided through Protranslate platform are done via human translators experienced in various topics. This way, we can ensure that the translated document’s outcome fits the theme of your document and the results will be much more professional than computer aided translations.

Are the translators available through Protranslate platform capable of doing technical translations?
You can put details about your technical or special topic translation requests into the “Translation Notes” section while giving your order if you need a technical translation in special topics such as engineering, law, IT, medical topics etc. Your translation will be assigned to a translator experienced in your requested topic. We work with a large group of translators that do have varying backgrounds to ensure that a translator experienced in your desired topic is always available to translate your documents.

How does the pricing work on Protranslate platform?
Once you upload the document that you want to translate through our platform, the number of words in your document is automatically counted and your translation work is priced based on the number of words, language selections and other order options such as standart vs. expedited delivery.

What do the “Category” options on Order page stand for?
The translator categories allow you to pick the desired experience level of the translator that you want your document to be translated by. The translation prices differ based on the experience level category that you pick during the order process.

How do the “Delivery Speed” options work?
You can pick the delivery speed for your translations based on the urgency of your document translation needs. The “Estimated Delivery Date” will change based on the delivery speed option you pick. Translation prices differ based on the delivery speed option you pick during the order process.

What does the “Order Name” textbox stand for?
This textbox allows you to give your order a desired name to help you find your orders easily on your membership panel. It is not a mandatory field and the system will assign an automatic name for your order with a date/time label if you decide to not fill this field while placing your order.

What does the “Special Instructions” textbox stand for?
If you have any special requests from the translator, you can use this textbox to send your instructions to the translator. It is not a mandatory field so you can leave it blank if you don’t have any specific requests.

I have uploaded my document and placed my translation order. What happens next?
Your order will be assigned to a suitable translator asap and delivered to you on or before the “Estimated Delivery Date” based on your order details. You will receive an email about the status of your order once it’s complete. You can log into your account on Protranslate and download your translated document once you receive this mail.

I am receiving an error while uploading my document. What should I do?
Please email us at info [at] with the steps that you took while you were trying to upload your document, the LOGID for the error message that you see on your screen, your account email address along with your document to be translated and a Protranslate representative will be in touch with you to resolve your issue asap.

Is it possible for you to ship the translated document to my physical address once the translation is complete?
At this moment, all translated documents are delivered to our customers only via our online platform. We will add a physical shipment option soon through our platform.

Do you offer notarization service fort he translated documents?
We will add a notarization service offering to our platform for an additional fee very soon.

How can I pay for the translation service on Protranslate?
You can make your payments with your Credit Card (VISA & Mastercard) or Bank Transfer.
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How can I get a receipt for my payment?
After you complete your payment, you will see a screen where you can print out your receipt for your translation service payment.