How do you evaluate your professional translators who provide services on your platform?

All translators go through a challenging assessment process before working with us. Their trial translations are evaluated by our experienced translators and editors. Only the ones who had top scores at their test projects join our network as ‘new translator’; and their work continuously monitored by our project managers for a certain period of time. Once the translators complete the entire evaluation process, they are categorized based on their experience and field of expertise.

Do the translators on Protranslate platform use any computer-based translation?

All translations provided through Protranslate platform are human translations done by our expert translators. In this way, we can ensure that the translated document fits the theme of your original document. The document will be much more professional compared to computer-aided translations.

Are the translators on Protranslate platform capable of doing technical translations?

We work with a large number of translators who have experience and expertise in various fields. Your translation project will be assigned to one of our translators whose experience and expertise match your needs. You can also add notes to our translators by using “Translation Brief” section while placing your order. You can write all the details on your technical translations in special fields such as engineering, legal, IT, medical, etc.

Are the translators on Protranslate platform capable of localizing websites / mobile applications?

We have done a large number of localizing projects for websites, mobile applications, software, and computer games. We have expert translators for localization projects and work with local translators for making sure that the project is successfully completed.

Do you do proofreading for my translated documents?

We have a dedicated team for proofreading and quality check. Your translated documents are controlled by this team before they are delivered to you.

Do you give interpretation services?

We have translation services for all type of documents; but do not give any verbal interpretation service at this stage.

How does the pricing work on Protranslate platform?

Once you upload your document for translation, the number of words in your document is automatically counted and your translation project is priced based on this number. Language pair selection and other order options, such as expertise selection, standard vs. quick delivery, etc. affect pricing.

What do the “Category” options on order page stand for?

The Category section allows you to choose the translator’s level of experience. Your translation project will be assigned to a professional or certified translator based on your selection. The pricing may differ based on the translator’s experience level.

How do the “Delivery Speed” options work?

You can choose the delivery speed of translation project based on the urgency of your need. The “Estimated Delivery Date” will change based on your selection. Translation prices may differ based on the delivery speed option you pick during the order process.

What does the “Order Name” textbox stand for?

This textbox allows you to give your order a name which you desire. This option will help you to easily find your orders on your membership panel. It is not a mandatory field during the order process. Our system will automatically assign a name for your order if you do not give a name.

What does the “Translation Brief” textbox stand for?

If you have any special requests from the translator, you can use this textbox to send your instruction notes. It is not a mandatory field so you can leave it blank if you do not have any specific requests.

I have uploaded my document and placed my order. What happens next?

Your order will be assigned to an expert translator and translated documents will be delivered to you on or before the “Estimated Delivery Date” based on your order details. You will receive a notification e-mail on the status of your order once it is completed. You can log into your membership account on Protranslate platform for downloading your translated documents after you received this e-mail.

I am receiving an error while uploading my document. What should I do?

Please contact us about your problem by emailing to [email protected]. Please do not forget to write down the LOGID at the error message and your account e-mail address along with your translation document. One of our customer service representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Is it possible for you to send the translated documents to my postal address once the translation is complete?

We normally deliver all translated documents online via Protranslate platform. Upon special request, we can post the translated documents by parcel services. We will add the cost of postal service into your order.

I want my documents to be translated by a certified translator. Is it possible?

We have certified translators within our team. You just need to choose this option while ordering your translation project. We will make the assignment based on your request.

Do you offer notarization service for the translated documents?

If you would like notarization for your translated documents, we offer this service in response to an additional fee.

Do you offer ‘apostille’ service for the translated documents?

If you would like ‘apostille’ approval for your translated documents, we offer this service in response to an additional fee.

Do you offer trial translations for me to feel comfortable confirming my order?

We may offer you a trial translation if you would like to see the quality of our work. We will translate a short text (up to 50 words) before you confirm your order.

How long does the translation take on average?

Our expert translators can translate 2.000 words a day. We estimate the time of your delivery based on this average.

Do you offer translation service for urgent documents?

You can choose your delivery option (standard or quick) while confirming your order. Our project managers will confirm you the ‘Estimated Delivery Date’ for your urgent translation projects.

Do I need to create a membership on Protranslate platform?

We are an online platform providing translation services. You can upload your documents, place your order, make a payment, track your project’s process, download your translated documents and invoice from our online platform. For benefiting from those services, you will need to sign up on

My documents are confidential; what is your privacy policy?

We are sensitive to confidentiality of your documents at upmost level. If you would like to see our privacy policy, we can send you a copy of our confidentiality agreement to sign before you confirm your order. Alternatively, if you or your company has an agreement, you can send us a copy and we will sign reciprocally.

Which file formats do your online panel supports for translation?

You can upload your documents in any file format. We will convert the file format for counting the words and translating if needed. We can also deliver your translated documents in any file format you require.

Can you manage our company’s translation projects on a regular basis??

We work with a large number of companies for managing their translation projects throughout a certain period. We can sign a service agreement for confirming all the details of your projects and work together on a regular basis.

How can I pay for the translation service on Protranslate?

You can make your payments online by your Credit Card (VISA & MasterCard) or bank transfer to the following account. Bank Name: Wise / 493 Account Name:Net Impression Digital Services Inc  IBAN: BE72 9677 2619 5516

How can I get an invoice for my payment?

You may request for an invoice after your translated documents are delivered and project is completed. You should provide us the invoice details and it will be ready for you to download from Protranslate platform.

I’m an experienced translator, how can I join your team?

Please e-mail your resume to [email protected] and we will get back to you for starting the evaluation process.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount for the payment?

The minimum withdrawal amount is TRY 600 and its equivalent in EUR or USD based on the current exchange rates of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

How do I get paid as a translator/proofreader?

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount within your balance, your payment is made via Paypal or wire transfer depending on your preferences.

When do I get paid as a translator/proofreader?

Our team of translators/proofreaders are paid once every fifteen days, either on the last or fifteenth day of each month. *Payment dates are subject to change when the last or fifteenth day of the month is not on a working day.