2019/10/11 1:39:02 PM

Want to learn how neural machine translation is functioning? What will be the next steps on the path of the machine learning development? All this information in the blog post

2019/10/04 10:21:48 AM

Storytelling is an effective way of encouraging listeners’ imagination by using words and actions. Storytelling with data is the way of being real, open, and honest with your listener by illustrating the situation or problem. With the magic of storytelling, we rise our potential and change the world.

2019/09/27 11:38:27 AM

In a global world advertisement on Facebook has become the new TV commercial. How and why social media has become so important in brand management and driving sales numbers up? Find out more in our blog post…

2019/09/20 3:33:26 PM

Chatbot service has the potential to dramatically increase your sales and improve all your marketing efforts on foreign markets. Learn the most successful chatbot use-cases in this blog post

2019/09/18 3:04:36 PM

There are many computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools for translators to use. These tools help to improve the translation quality while easing the job for translators. Learn how and why to use CAT tools in the process of professional translation.

2019/09/13 3:19:24 PM

Think Globally – Act Locally is a great and inspiring concept for a business. But what stands behind these words? How to implement this strategy in real life? Protranslate is explaining on a real global company use case…