2019/12/13 4:56:39 PM

In this blog post, there is a simple guide on how to choose a translation partner and how to benefit from this partnership. Protranslate explains the difference between a translation partner and translation vendor and what can be your long-term interest to find a good partner.

2019/12/06 4:51:44 PM

Explanation of Sworn, Judicial and Legal translation in simple words. Read this blog post to find out the difference and understand which type of translation you were searching for.

2019/11/29 6:04:10 PM

Post-Editing is an essential step while working with machine translation. How to choose the right post-editing model for your translation and how the choice of post-editing model is defined by the translation model in this blog post.

2019/11/22 6:03:24 PM

Finding a qualified reliable medical translator is not an easy task. To begin with you should know exactly understand type of medical translation you are looking for and based on that choose an expert. In this article we give a detailed description of all medical translation types and its specifics. Read to find out more…

2019/11/15 2:28:59 PM

What SaaS stands for? How to make service popular among the foreign audience? The answer is simple – make it local! Read about the importance of SaaS localization in this blog post…

2019/11/08 2:37:40 PM

Multimedia localization from A to Z. We are going to tell about multimedia localization structure, its comparison with social media localization and the most important how it can improve the quality of your content.