2020/10/21 2:32:11 PM

Social media platforms are frequently employed brands to engage with their customers on a more personal level. However, when these brands start taking their businesses overseas, they often have a hard time connecting with their customers without the help of localization. At this point, the need for localization kicks in. A good social media localization […]

2020/09/21 9:33:26 AM

With global lockdown, every possible service went online including interpretation and translation. It is not entirely new for anyone to see the words “online” or “freelance” being used in the same sentence as “translation” but what about interpretation? In this article, we will look into what is the importance of interpretation during a pandemic. What […]

2020/09/04 3:09:30 PM

Have you ever considered how many languages exist in the world? Let us answer the question for you: More than 7100 languages are alive today. More than 7000 languages with their unique structure, unique sounds, meanings, dialects… As editors, translators, and all the other “language workers” know, every single language is a part of a […]

2020/08/26 1:29:14 PM

Just as expected, the COVID-19 effect on e-commerce was huge but will this growth continue after the virus? The normalization process is underway in a number of countries and what do the data say about the state of e-commerce after COVID-19? In this article, we will be looking to answer these questions with the most […]

2020/08/12 4:13:28 PM

As we have mentioned in our previous blog posts, the editing process may include many different stages. In this article, we will go over one of the most important of these: Redaction. Redaction, apart from its close relation with publishing, can be described as a special form of editing. It can sometimes include combining, altering, […]

2020/06/23 2:14:03 PM

Payment Methods in The Netherlands: An Overview First things first, when it comes to the Payment Methods in The Netherlands, it can be said that an ideal payment method does not exist yet. With a wide variety and list of payment methods, this small country in Europe plays a big role. If you are thinking […]