localization service

What should you be paying attention to localize your business?

Correct Definition of Brand and Localization

Localization is important tool in turning the new market search to local operations, which must be carefully planned.  It is important that the brand or company that is going to be localized be aware of the dynamics of the new market, especially regarding basic marketing principles.

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Payment Methods in Mena


The MENA region has its own dynamics in terms of e-commerce. In this article, we will be discussing some of the Middle East Online payment methods; which provides insight about consumer behavior.

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MENA Bölgesi'nde E-Ticaret yapaken dikkat edilmesi gerekenler


As the internet has grown into the desired medium for advertising, services, purchasing of goods and marketing; consumers reach the goods or services easier both locally and globally. The impact of the internet on a fast-paced global basis offers instant online service for consumers by providing fast service with low energy consumption. The significant growth of digitalization changes the way people utilize the Web. While doing E-commerce in MENA ; you have to be aware of cultural facts.

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Arabic Speaking Population

Arabic Speaking Population In the World

Arabic is widely spoken around the world today. The estimated Arabic Speaking Population In The World is around 420 million with 30 different dialects. Originating from the Semitic languages, Arabic is also the language that the holy book Quran is written in, making it a primary incentive for devout foreigners to take up mastering this sacred tongue.

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