2019/08/07 5:19:59 PM

Localization is a long term investment that will benefit your business in many ways. International expansion strategy has to be well planned before starting business operations in a new market.  Examining market conjuncture together with basic marketing principles shall be the first step towards business expansion. In this article, we provide some tips based on real use cases of our clients!

2019/08/05 6:36:05 PM

‘‘Back translation’’ or in other words ‘reverse translation’’ is the process of translating a document back to its original language. What is it used for? The most common reason for back translation is to revise the quality of translated text by comparing it with the original one.

2019/07/30 4:06:49 PM

The best way to improve language skills has always been language practice and exposure. People who are willing to learn a foreign language might not always have an opportunity to physically live or visit countries which language they want to learn. Nevertheless, there are still many ways to practise language efficiently and improve your skills. Here are 5 proven techniques…

2019/07/29 5:59:08 PM

This summer, take advantage of your free time to be one step ahead while recharging. Go offline and get some rest. While doing so, use our book recommendation list to improve yourself in the comfort of your own couch or a sun bed!

2019/07/29 10:10:51 AM

As a freelance translator, you should not underestimate the significant role of making a good CV. Do not forget that your CV and how you express yourself is your first impression to the recruiter. Click to read our new blog post about how to make your CV work for you!

2019/06/18 12:00:38 PM

Being an independent freelance translator can have many advantages such as working for yourself, not being tight to office hours or working place. Nevertheless, while starting your career in freelance translation, you may come across several challenges as “How to find new customer?”, “How to promote your services?” or ” How to organize your schedule efficiently?” But don’t worry! We got your back here and will be glad to share our experience in new Blog Post for freelance translators!