2020/06/23 2:14:03 PM

Payment Methods in The Netherlands: An Overview First things first, when it comes to the Payment Methods in The Netherlands, it can be said that an ideal payment method does not exist yet. With a wide variety and list of payment methods, this small country in Europe plays a big role. If you are thinking […]

2020/04/27 12:26:32 PM

Although Italy is not perceived as one of the strongest players in terms of European economy, it offers a lot of opportunities to the local businesses looking to expand internationally and grow exponentially. If you happen to be an owner of an online business or interested in how people pay in Italy, keep reading to […]

2020/04/08 4:43:33 PM

Planning to expand your online business in the international arena but you need some information about the global payment methods? Or, you have already started working on going global but want to know which steps does it require to successfully expand your online presence? Aside from planning your resources and budgeting, running localization operations for […]

2020/03/31 12:15:43 PM

You are either currently operating in Turkey and willing to expand your business in the foreign lands, or you are a business owner and want to start doing business in Turkey. In any case, you will need information on different payment methods as of 2020, types of payment methods as well as alternative payment methods […]

2020/02/07 4:08:36 PM

How much successful translators earn? Protranslate shared insider information on the most profitable languages and the highest paying translation types. Click to read to continue reading…

2020/01/30 4:03:24 PM

Here we are, celebrating the successes of our online translation platform Protranslate.Net! Read further to see how far we’ve got!