2020/01/17 6:50:33 PM

How to establish a successful translation business in a world where machine neural translation is becoming more and more common? Protranslate shares its story on how to combine advanced technology and the human factor in a business and make them supplement each other…

2020/01/10 6:17:04 PM

Have been wondering what does transcription mean? Here is the post with everything that you need to know about transcription and transcribing process. Protranslate expert translator team shares all types of transcription services and its main characteristics.

2020/01/03 4:25:07 PM

The power of a good content can not be overestimated nowadays. Content is an instrument that helps to build the brand and at the same time, it is one of the most important ways to communicate with your audience and learn what they need. Read more information on how to create interesting content that will boost your business growth.

2019/12/27 5:30:55 PM

How to make translated documents have a legal force and be recognized by legal authorities? What type of documents require a sworn translator? Read about use cases and features of official translation in this blog post

2019/12/20 5:07:37 PM

Before diving into technical translation, we suggest learning some information about what technical translation types, how to choose the right type for yourself and what are the specifics of technical translation that you might be dealing with.

2019/12/17 5:10:49 PM

Have you ever thought of academic translation in terms of its structure and specific requirements? In this blog post you will find essentials of academic translation service and what you should put attention to while working with translation agencies.