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Professional Google Ads Campaign Localization 

You know the importance of international digital competition, and want to get the right localization service? As the leading translation and localization services provider, we offer the localization service of the highest quality. In this period, when the international digital competition has been increasing, you can boost your brand awareness worldwide using our localization service in more than 100 languages for the Google Ads campaigns. Thus, you can reach your target audience most properly and reinforce your identity in the national market. Our professional team which is specialized in using Google Ads Editor prepares the localization versions of your campaign files and contents that you export in such a way that you can easily import them again using Google Ads Editor. Thus, you can import your localized file to the Editor in a few seconds!

The localization of Google Ads keywords differs from the classical translation of words. This difference does not only apply to Google Ads campaign localization. This difference also applies to all localization services such as application localization and game localization. Unlike the translation service, in the localization service, we focus on cultural and country-based search habits! We check the search volumes of the selected keywords using the keyword finder tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs, and we take care to ensure that you get maximum yield after the localization of your campaigns.

You will only have to upload your file into the system when the localization of your ad is completed. Do you know that you can do this with just one click? You can easily import your localized file using the free software of the Google Ads Editor, which enables the management of Google Ads campaigns! Our team knows the Google Ads Editor format and can carry out the localization process of the campaign in accordance with the Editor's format using a Word/Excel file. Thus, you can easily import your localized file and activate your campaign!

We aim to provide the Google Ads localization service of the highest quality. That is why we have a professional localization team from all over the world! Therefore, you will be able to get assistance from a professional team from the localization country. Get a quote for advertisement localization service from our professional team now, and boost your brand awareness worldwide.


Google Ads Localization Team

Businesses create their advertising campaigns based on different needs and strategies. Hence, analyzing the expectations of the customer is quite important for the localization of the Google Ads campaigns. As Protranslate, the leading translation and localization company, we care about the needs of all our customers. We focus on each detail, from keyword localization to ad groups suitable for the target country. With our professional team, we provide you with the most appropriate service during the translation of the ad copy, ads, and ad extensions of your Google Ads campaign.

Our professional team carries out country-specific target audience searches meticulously. They focus on maximizing your business's return on investment using the keywords in the targeted market. Our team considers the keyword and ad content consistency in your campaign while aiming to reinforce your relationship with your customers at the cultural level. Thus, you will forge ahead in the digital competition and enable your customers to have the maximum level of experience.

This is the right time for you! You can start your process now by uploading your file in a few seconds. For your enterprise and more complex requirements you can fill out the form and have our team contact you. Our project managers will closely follow up with your requirements within our cooperation with you during the Ads localization service. You can also get assistance 24/7 by contacting our experienced customer service team. With our professional team which has carried out many projects, we have become the most sought-after company in the field of translation and localization. We crown this achievement with customer satisfaction. As Protranslate, we promise to keep the customer experience at the highest level because we care about you!

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Protranslate Quality Team

Unique Address for Google Ads Localization: Protranslate

As Protranslate, we are a multinational team providing Google Ads localization services in more than 100 languages. With our customer base of more than 65,000 customers, we are the first choice of many corporate companies from all over the world for their translation and localization needs. Most importantly, our customer satisfaction rate is very high. The primary reason for this achievement is that we love our job! We take care of our customers individually, analyze their needs, and provide services accordingly.

We have a professional team specialized in areas such as website localization and WordPress localization, especially the localization of the Google Ads campaigns. Moreover, we also strive for increasing the quality score of your campaign by keyword optimization during the localization of the campaign. We are a professional team that is specialized in its field, open to development, and has a strong research spirit! We research and examine what the businesses we provide ads localization services offer to their customers. We create persuasive ads by overstraining our creativity for the customers of our clients. Thus, we enable you to earn higher profits for lower costs by increasing your brand awareness and translating your ad copies considering the cultural elements.


Google Ads Localization Prices

Previously, you would need to go to translation offices to get translation or localization services. This would cause both a waste of time and a long wait for the completion of your service. As Protranslate, we ended this previous practice! We offer our customers the fastest and most professional online Google Ads localization service. Moreover, we do this by offering budget-friendly solutions. You can upload your file online and start your localization process without going anywhere!

Google Ads localization is an area that requires extra effort, research, and knowledge. Hence, you should be very careful while requesting quotations from any company. We always say that the pricing and service quality of localization should be proportional. In terms of quality, very low pricing for Google Ads localization is a risky situation. Likewise, very high prices are a distrust factor for businesses. Thus, we offer you quality and accessible service for Google Ads localization!

With our reliable superior service quality, we, as Protranslate, offer you a budget-friendly campaign localization service! You can upload your file online from anywhere in the world and get the fastest and safest translation service. Moreover, you can follow up with the current status of your translation and localization processes through our system and learn the delivery date. Get a quote now to take advantage of our online service and start your localization process for your Google Ads campaigns!

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Protranslate Continues its Substantial Growth with New Enterprise Services

Media News

Protranslate Launches Its High-Quality Online Document Translation Services
One Startup to Change How Enterprise Translation Workflows Are Done Online
Protranslate Continues its Substantial Growth with New Enterprise Services

Frequently Asked Questions

When creating your Google Ads campaigns, your target country's search habits may vary from global habits. Unlike a typical translation, localization is the adaptation of the content to another country or language. Thus, we recommend that you should get a keyword localization service instead of a translation service so that you can get maximum yield from the advertising campaign you created for your target country.
Protranslate has a multinational team of professionals in the field of Google Ads localization. Our professional team provides ad campaign localization services specific to your target country.
You can check the status of your order through your account using the code sent to you when you create your order.
No. Your file is carefully reviewed by our Protranslate quality team before completing your localization process. We do not charge any additional fees if you need any revisions when our ads localization service is completed.
We provide German campaign localization services. Besides that, we also provide Google Ads localization service in more than 100 languages. You can view the price of the localization services by clicking on the "Get Quote" button and uploading your target word localization file on our order page. You can fill out the form and have our authorized colleagues contact you if you need more information!
Of course! Our Google Ads Localization team will always be pleased to provide service to you. You can fill out the form by clicking on the "Enterprise / More Complex Needs" button on our order page. Our project manager will contact you shortly and will be pleased to assist you.
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Our company regularly receives Google Ads campaign localization service from Protranslate. We have the utmost confidence in the Protranslate family.
We are in the process of growing our business. We recently received an ads group localization service from Protranslate for eight languages. They carried out a very meticulous work in time, thank you Protranslate.
We chose Protranslate for keyword translation because of its native translators. Doing the job you love really results in good things. From now on, Protranslate is the unique address for us.
We needed Google Ads campaign localization. We met Protranslate through one of our friends, and they managed to gain our trust fully from the first day. Now, we recommend Protranslate to everyone.