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Professional Google Ads Translation Services

When organizations expand into new locations, the first thing that comes to their mind is to have their website contents translated into new languages. But good content is nothing without a good marketing strategy, and that is precisely why you should have your marketing campaigns and ads localized into new languages. Since each country have their own cultural values and norms in addition to their unique languages, your Google campaign translator should be knowledgeable about what would attract your target audience and translate your ads according to their cultural values.

People in different areas search for different keywords, this means that when you hire a translator team for your Google Ads translation needs, you should make sure that they have enough competence in the target values. The translator that will localize your ad texts into other languages should have enough competence to even guess the misspellings of the search terms, so that they can reach a wider audience.

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Marketing campaign translation is vastly different from other kinds of translation services. Marketing texts tend to be shorter, punchier, and more creative compared to other kinds of texts. Another important aspect is that they are highly culture-specific, meaning that they adhere to a specific target audience only. Thus, translators should pay attention to every kind of nuance so that they can find the appropriate equivalences in the target language.

Simply translating Adwords campaigns will not help you gain new audiences. A small research on how translation mistakes hinder big companies from expanding into newer audiences can demonstrate the importance of localization when you need to cater to a new customer profile. For a campaign translator Google ads knowledge is a must, so that they will be able to optimize your campaigns in new languages.

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Affordable Google Adwords Translation Prices

We have talked about how difficult it is to localize Google campaigns into other languages, what is even harder is to find a budget-friendly marketing translation agency. Translating the ad texts in accordance with the target audience’s needs, using the correct keywords, and optimizing the text to be a perfect marketing material is a time-consuming practice that necessitates expert Google Ads translators.

Protranslate Google Ads translation company provides fast, effective, and budget-friendly solutions in more than 120 languages for all your Google Adwords translation needs. The campaign translator team of Protranslate have proficient knowledge in the marketing field and will ensure quality ad text translation services to people all around the world.

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Of course. Our team of localization experts have people whose native language is Japanese.
Each translation project is proofread by our quality assurance team before delivering the translation project to the customers.
Of course. You can send us a small text and we will have it translated for you in a day.
Yes, Protranslate’s expert localization team can review and check the previously translated texts.
Yes. Our professional team guarantees high quality translations, but if you don’t feel satisfied with it you can use your free revision rights.
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Their budget friendly prices were what attracted me first, but I must say that I am really happy with the overall result as well. My texts came back without any errors.
When I saw their prices, I wanted to give it a try. They delivered my projects in a few days and I was really surprised by how professional they were. I will be looking forward to working with them again.
Protranslate’s creative team helped me translate my Google campaigns into the prevalent European languages. I am really thankful for this attentive team!
I was quite shocked by how fast they are! They helped me translate Google Ads into several languages, I’m impressed by the result already.