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Certified Translation Agency

It is essential to seek the services of a reliable translation company that can provide services in this field for official document translation needs. At Protranslate, we offer various services such as marriage certificate translation servicedeath certificate translationdivorce certificate translation servicebirth certificate translation and much more. As a certified translation agency, Protranslate prioritizes reliability and customer satisfaction. We provide professional services with our experienced translators who have successfully passed various qualification stages. Our expert translators translate documents while preserving their meaning and legal validity.

Whether you need a certified or sworn translation for legal, immigration, academic, or commercial purposes, we offer reliable and budget-friendly solutions that fully meet your needs. Fill out the form now to receive professional service from a certified translation company!

Online Certified Translation Services

In the past, getting your documents translated officially was a time-consuming and expensive process. You had to visit a translation agency in person, drop off your documents, and wait for them to be translated and certified. This could take several days or even weeks, depending on the agency's workload. However, now with Protranslate online certified translation service, you can have your documents translated quickly and accurately without going outside.

We have a team of more than 5,000 experienced and certified translators who can translate your documents into more than 120 languages. Whether you require certified diploma translation, official ID card translation or passport translation service , we are at your service! Moreover, you can easily find skilled translators for various language pairs, including Certified English - Persian TranslationEnglish - Polish TranslationEnglish - Korean Translation ServiceEnglish - Italian Translation or English - Czech Translation Service and much more!

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Certified Document Translation Services

If you need certified document translation services, you will of course want to get the best and most professional service. After all, your certified translations will be used for important purposes, such as applying for a job, immigrating to a new country, or enrolling in a university. That is why we understand that certified translations must be accurate and complete, and we take great care to ensure that your documents are translated correctly.

All of our certified translations are reviewed by a dedicated proofreading team for grammar, readability, and style. With our fast turnaround, confidentiality policy, and competitive pricing, we make your translation needs our top priority. If you need any type of service like professional Italian translation or the translation of your official documents from Spanish to English, we are just a screen away! Contact us now to get a quote for all your certified document translation needs!

Certified Translator Team

Are you in need of a certified translator for your official documents? Look no further! Our certified translation services are here to help. Protranslate have a team of authorized translators who are experts in their field. Finding a certified translator can be a daunting task. You’ll want to make sure that the translator is not only certified, but also experienced and knowledgeable in the subject matter of your document. With Protranslate, you can rest assured that your documents are in good hands. We specialize in certified English translations for all types of documents, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, and academic transcripts. Our translations are accepted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), as well as academic institutions.

Whether you are in the USA, UAE or anywhare around the world, our certified translation services are available to you. If you are in search of a ‘certified translator near me,’ remember that Protranslate is just a click away! No matter your location, we’ve got you covered. Fill out our form now to get an instant online quote!

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Certified Legal Translation Services

Precision and professionalism plays a crucial role in legal document translation. This is where our certified legal translation service comes in. Contracts, agreements, patents or other legal documents - we handle them all with meticulous attention to detail. What sets us apart is not only our expertise, but also our commitment to providing the highest level of security for your sensitive legal materials. You can rest assured that your sensitive documents are in reliable and expert hands.

Experience the difference a certified legal document translation service can make. We are your professional partner and invite you to contact us today. Let us take the complexity out of language barriers and let you focus on what matters most: your legal matters.Fill out the form now for a competitive quote and professional translation service by an online certified translation company!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a certified translation, a Certificate of Accuracy statement from the translator or the translation company is a must. A certified translator must have the information and competence for the matter, stating that the translation is accurate.
Certified translation is a translation that has been reviewed and signed by a certified translator, certifying its accuracy and completeness. While both types of translation require the expertise of a professional translator, certified translations are typically used for legal or official documents, while professional translations may be used for a wider range of purposes such as marketing materials, websites, or technical documents.
We ensure that our translations are accurate and complete by having them reviewed and certified by qualified translators. The translators sign and stamp the translations to confirm that they have been approved. We then deliver the certified translations to our clients.
Our certified translators translate all types and formats of documents.
Sure! You can view our price offer by uploading your file and selecting your service type by clicking our “get a quote” button. Once you confirm the quote and make payment, a certified translation will be prepared and delivered to you by email or post.
Yes, as an online translation service provider, we offer all types of translation services to our customers worldwide, including the USA.
Of course! When uploading your document, you can select our urgent translation service option.
Yes, we offer translation services in a wide variety of subject areas, including business contracts.
Protranslate translators must demonstrate their language proficiency, translation skills, and experience through a rigorous selection process. If you'd like to join our team, please fill out our translator application form.
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Such an excellent online certified translation service to translate official documents fast and professionally.