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Translation Service Pricing


When choosing your translation service provider, you should know that how translation agencies set their online translation pricing may differ from country to country. Whereas some translation firms charge their clients based on the total word count, some may prefer to take translation pricing per character into consideration. It can be sometimes difficult to compare and find the best translation company that offers professional translation services online along with the best translation pricing.

Here at Protranslate certified translation bureau, we aim to offer professional translation services beyond your expectations in over 60 languages including English, Chinese, French, Korean, Russian and Arabic. You can easily upload your files that need to be translated to our system online in a few clicks and find out more about our translation pricing.

Sworn Translation Pricing

Protranslate is the leading translation provider in the industry with its budget-friendly certified translation pricing and professional translator team that provides Legal Translation, Medical Translation and Technical translation services online. We require all our translators to pass several language tests successfully before they start to work with our online translation office.

To make sure that you are completely satisfied with the services you receive from our side after viewing our document translation pricing, we work with a dedicated proofreading team that checks each translation in terms of style, readability and grammar. Furthermore, we offer unlimited revisions to our customers, in case you want any changes in the translation.

Online Translation Pricing


You should always remember that even though machine translation may seem like a cheaper alternative, it may not be the best option to translate your content into the target language. Therefore you should consider taking the next step and find the right translation office that can offer you professional translation services.

On the website of our translation agency, you can simply upload your document and check out Protranslate’s human translation service pricing along with our sworn translation price per word. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality translation services online. Contact us today to find out more about our translation pricing per page!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, now that you have checked out our quick translation service pricing, we may offer you a sample translation up to 50 words to showcase the quality of our translations!
You can simply upload your pdf file to our platform to view our pdf translation service pricing.
You can talk to one of our representatives from 09:00 to 02:00 or leave a message to us anytime to find out more about our English translation service pricing and Chinese translation pricing!
You may view our English to French translation service pricing once you upload your document to our system online and fill out the necessary information.
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No need to check machine translation pricing or hundreds of translation offices on the internet anymore thanks to this very professional translation firm.
Considering their low translation pricing, the quality of their document translation services was beyond my expectations. Thanks.
Protranslate is the only translation provider I work with since I met them. I love how they calculate urgent translation pricing and offer discounts time to time.
Their English to Chinese translation service pricing is so low but their translators are very good and professional. 10/10