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Welcome to which provides its customers with the best translation services alongside affordable translation rates and a customer satisfaction level! Protranslate translation company offers top-notch translation services specifically designed for your particular linguistic needs in over 60 languages including English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese. We administer a profound test for all the translator candidates before accepting them into our platform and collaborating with them at Protranslate online translation bureau. We also offer free proofreading service without an extra charge to all the clients who have preferred to work with us in order to satisfy their translation needs. Therefore, you do not need to search for anywhere else for higher quality translation services or better rates.

There are dozens of translation agencies out there that calculate their translation price differently. Some charge their customers based on total character count, some based on the number of pages. We believe that everyone should have access to first-class translation services online at reasonable prices. Therefore, we have developed our user-friendly interface to allow users get a translation quote on the translation price as soon as they upload their documents to our system, based on the number of words within their text. You can calculate English – Malay translation service cost through Protranslate.Net online platform.

Document Translation Cost

Thanks to our smart translation cost calculator, you will never get overcharged for the repeating words within your text. The translation cost will be visible as soon as you upload your documents to our system and choose the source and target languages. You will be asked to specify the field of translation, be it sworn translation or professional translation service to proceed. Then you will choose the field of translation, such as Medical Translation, Technical Translation or Legal Translation.

We will assign your document(s) to an expert translator as soon as you initiate the process. You can be sure that you will receive high-quality translation services from our translation firm as we only assign your file(s) to translators who have experience in the relevant field of translation. Among all the translation firms that calculate translation fee, translation cost per page or translation price per word differently, Protranslate is the one that offers both the best translation quotes and top quality.

Certified Translation Price


There’s no better thing than receiving the best translation service that you’re looking for by an expert translator at the best translation price. Protranslate offers fast translation services in 60 languages including Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Polish and Japanese. Our urgent translation option allows you to receive the same quality translation service even if you place your order the last minute, therefore ideal for unexpected occasions. You can easily get online free quote for certified patent translation service by just uploading your file to the platform.

Any client who has uploaded their document the website of Protranslate online translation agency will no longer need to worry about what happened to their translation. Our online system keeps you updated 24/7 thanks to its state-of-the-art design enabling our customers to receive notifications that informs them about the present stage of their order. We have worked with many local and international entities and still our collaboration still continues. We hope to provide the same services with the same level of expertise to you as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can instantly get a quote on English to French sworn translation price once you have successfully uploaded your documents to our system online!
Protranslate online translation company provides affordable and high-quality translation services! We would love to discuss the details of your big project!
Based on the availability status of our online translator team, we can translate 50 words of your choice to present you a sample.
Protranslate online translation company provides affordable and high-quality translation services! We would love to discuss the details of your big project!
Sure, we may translate up to 50 words to showcase the quality of our translation services depending on the availability of our translators!
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American Express


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