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SEO Compatible Website Translation from Turkish to English

With our Search Engine Compatible Translation Service, we have contributed to making Yolcu360 to be seen on the first pages of the Internet searches by the tourists coming to Turkey.

Yolcu360 Website Localization


"We have achieved success in Long Tail searches through original page contents in a competitive language like English!"

Dilayda Aksoy
Customer Coordinator, Yolcu360

70% of searches made in search engines consist of 3 words or more. Therefore, these keywords should be used correctly and together and the authenticity of the pages should be considered when translating the website.

 If you want to localize your website in different languages and open up to new markets, you can take advantage of Protranslate's SEO compatible website translation service.

Download our case study now to get more information and to learn the details of our localization work for Yolcu360.

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