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Technical Translation Service

If you aim to export your products abroad, you can translate your technical materials and product specifications into the languages of your target countries by getting language support from Protranslate.

Esri Technical Translation Service


Protranslate and ESRI set out together and are about to reach one million words!

Protranslate's translator team, specially organized for ESRI, has translated 837,000 words for the project so far.

There are six translators, four proofreaders, and two quality control specialists in the project team, which consists of software engineer IT specialist translators.

Utilizing Protranslate's quality control tools and technical terminology database consisting of 3.5 million words, the team ensured high quality and on-time delivery of the project.

Download our success story now for further details on the localization process we have been carrying out with ESRI.

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