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UNICEF - Content Localization Services

UNICEF has entrusted the localization process to Protranslate in order to be able to help those in need and provide services to people in their mother tongue in the relevant countries where it operates.

UNICEF Localization Service


Protranslate and UNICEF have been cooperating since 2019. The dedicated team of localization experts has translated over 1 million words consisting of marketing material and documentation, mainly in Arabic, French, English, and Turkish Vince the first day of the collaboration.

Protranslate created a team to suit the needs and requirements of UNICEF, consisting of 16 translators, 8 teams of quality management, and 4 experts in the field of project management. The dedicated team helped UNICEF to communicate with its local partners and target audience, and provide solutions for those in need in their native languages. 

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