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SEO Content Translation and Website Localization

In addition to the website localization and proofreading service we provide to Webrazzi, we regularly translate articles in an SEO compatible way for Webrazzi.

Webrazzi Content Translation Service


"The fact that Protranslate is familiar with startup companies makes it possible to view content from the same perspective as us."

Burcu Güvenç Karaca
Marketing and Communication Manager, Webrazzi

The Protranslate team, which is familiar with the processes and language of the startups, adopts Webrazzi's vision as his own and works more like Webrazzi's 'in-house' localization department rather than a localization partner."

Thanks to the SEO compatible translation of Webrazzi's content, Webrazzi, which has at least 600 thousand unique visitors per month, has rapidly ranked higher at the internet search results and achieved a 60% increase in international website traffic. If you want to reach more audience by making your content translated into various languages, you can consider Protranslate's SEO compatible website translation service.

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