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MenaPay Crypto Payment Platform Localization Project

The team translated more than 200 000 words and utilized the fintech translation database of Protranslate, including the translated content of the 20 international IEO projects such as Colendi, Peerguess, Bulwark, Coinstockx, CryptoAdSolution etc.

Menapay IEO Localization Service


As of 2018, with the increasing deman for IEO localizaton, we started working with translators specialized in "Fintech" related content and have grown our technical translation team for IEO whitepaper translation and localization by three fonds. In a short period of time, we created a team that provide translation service to 20 international IEO localization projects in 5 continents.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency startups add new terms to fintech industry every day. The IEO localization experts of Protranslate work hard to create the most comprehensive industrial database by following global trends closely. As of 2018, there are more than 3.5 million terms for more than 1000 industries in the terminological database of Protranslate, and this number increasing everyday via our ever-increasing customer base. 

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