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Technical Translation Services for the Construction Sector

Our civil engineer translators served Kürk İnşaat as a translation partner in its international projects by translating all technical specifications and technical contract documents.

Kurk Construction Technical Translation Service


All technical documents related to the construction of the AUK American University Campus, undertaken by Kürk İnşaat, was translated by specialized translators of Protranslate.

The documents and contracts translated into English by ABET-accredited civil engineer translators of Protranslate were checked by engineers whose native language is English.

Protranslate's technical translation team, which uses the special dictionary prepared by the Ministry of Industry (65,000 special terms) and its own database, finalizes the project based on customer satisfaction.

If you want to work with Protranslate's technical translator and quality control team for your international projects, download the case study that we prepared together with Kürk İnşaat in this field for reference.

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