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Multi-Language Support for Your Mobile Game

Our localization team, which is aware of the dynamics of the mobile gaming world, took part in the localization of Travelling Millionaire and contribute to reach more players by conducting keyword studies for application stores.

Travelling Millionaire Mobile Game Localization


The localization strategy implemented in entering into the mobile gaming market of the MENA region and Turkey by Travelling Millionaire is the most significant example of the success you can achieve in the localization of mobile games!

Travelling Millionaire, which has been storming through the Western World and the Far East, has been translated as Paramanya in Turkish; Thanks to the localization strategy implemented in entering in the mobile game market of the MENA region and Turkey, the game has achieved ascending the top ranks at the "featured" lists within 24 hours after being in app stores and staying number 1 in the Free Games Category for weeks.

If you want to make your mobile game available also in the languages of your target audience in the app stores and thus increase the number of downloads and make more revenue from your game, you can benefit from Protranslate's ASO (App Store Optimization) compatible mobile game localization service.

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