We work with top-notch translators in the sector, who are specialized in a particular subject area, who have educational background, experience and skills that are in line with our requirements.

o We examine the applicants’ CVs carefully. The university and department the translators graduated from, their professional experience and references are examined and compared to our needs..

o It is considered important that the level of translation language of our translator candidates, whose resumes are examined carefully, are at native level and if they have certificates, they are given priority.

o Translators who conform to our standards are required to complete a test translation.

o The test translations are evaluated by experienced linguists (two or three linguists as a rule), using a ten-point scale and scored in the context of language, style, dedication to the source text, grammar accuracy and use of appropriate terminology.

o If candidates pass this process successfully, they are included in the database of our project management system with a “New Translator” tag. This means, our project managers and editors will pay more attention to the quality of work and deadline compatibility of these translators.