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Protranslate provides professional language solutions with a fast translator hourly rate thorough its online platform.

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Online Translation Rate Per Word


Protranslate’s language translation rates depend on the number of words a specific project contains. Information towards online translation rates also includes many areas of expertise in order to satisfy the needs of its clients for requirements such as literary translation rates. Book translation rates per word are also calculated in a similar fashion, but these types of projects generally include DTP work to be conducted by Protranslate designers.

Every translated project completed on system proceeds to the next step which is the quality control process carried out by native-speaker proofreaders. Translation revision rates are designed in such a way to enable those who are looking for a professional editor to proofread their work prior to its publishing. Normal translation rate per word does not differ too much from such specific areas of expertise.

Professional Translation Rates

Protranslate’s translation services rates per word depend on the language combination selected which offers the users to get linguistic solutions in more than 70 languages professionally. The solutions available at are not limited to written texts or documents, they also include media translation which offers an affordable rate of transcription and translation service rates as well.

The only thing that is not automated on Protranslate platform is the translation and editing processes which are carried out by a team of professional native linguists who for instance bring about competitive English Japanese translation rate and Arabic to English translation rates. Many corporate bodies in MENA region have preferred Protranslate for its economical Arabic translation rates.

Expert Translation Rates Per Page


Average rate for translation services does not necessarily need to cost a fortune to get a professional result. Standard rate for translation per word is the most ideal form of calculating the total quote including that of translation proofreading rate. Hourly rate for translation services is also available for those who do not need to be charged by document translation rates.

Many areas of expertise are addressed at Protranslate’s quotation system for technical translation rates and academic translation rates. In addition, those who are looking to get into the global market can enjoy Protranslate’s website translation rates. Protranslate’s vision ensures that everyone can get access to affordable professional translation rates without worrying about quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can upload the document to be translated into German to to learn about the hourly rate of translators and also the translation editing rates per word.
Of course, Protranslate provides translation services with one of the most affordable average translation rates Spanish to English.
Yes, Protranslate works with expert editors to offer this service in exchange for reasonable translation editing and proofreading rates.
The healthiest way to get a quotation is to upload your document into our online translation platform.
Of course, Protranslate is able to deliver expert translation services with the best certified translation rates.
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German to English translation rates were always exceeding my budget until I uploaded my document into Protranslate. Waiting to work with you again.
Translation prices do not need to be high, and I learned it the hard way. I envy those who have collaborated with Protranslate sooner than me.
Excellent translation quality and really low technical translation rates. I would strongly advise you to check out their services!
I can recommend their translation services considering how low their legal translation rates are.