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The translations of covers letters which are keys to getting a new job are as important as the documents. Protranslate is 24/7 available to translate your cover letters.

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A well-written cover letter can change the whole route of a job application, but how about a properly written cover letter translation? At, certified cover letter translation is an area of expertise that is handled by a team of professionals who know the latest trends in business life and apply them to the translation process. This results in one of the best cover letter translation rates available online.

Cover letter translation prices are determined by the language combination and the total number of words in the letter to be translated. Expert cover letter translators who are contributing to Protranslate’s workflow from different parts of the world constitute the experienced cover letter translator team of Protranslate.

Professional Cover letter translation

Although cover letter translation quotes may be a reflection of a service provider’s priorities, Protranslate tries to break the stereotype of “pay higher, get better service.” Trustable cover letter translation service provider Protranslate prioritizes to make language services available in exchange for a competitive cover letter translation quote. Even when it comes to fast cover letter translation price, Protranslate offers the best alternative in the industry.

Online cover letter translation office Protranslate makes sure to proofread your translated cover letter prior to its delivery in order to ensure its conciseness and grammatical correctness. The document at stake is assigned to a professional cover letter translator who has passed several tests before starting to work on such projects at

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Resume cover letter translation is a different concept than a regular CV. It requires a more detailed explanation of the fact that a certain candidate is a better fit for a certain job opportunity. Being aware of this significance of cover letters thanks to its years of experience in corporate life, Protranslate is known for its affordable cover letter translation service.

As a rule of thumb in business life, nothing stays the same even for a minute from now on. Therefore, some clients may require faster delivery of the translated text without compromising on the quality and accurateness of the translation. Urgent cover letter translation fee offered by Protranslate makes this option a lot more desirable as more and more people can choose their career path with the help of Protranslate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can upload the desired document to and select the language combination to get a quote on the project.
Of course, Protranslate works with native German speaker translators to translate cover letters in an efficient and economical way.
Yes, if you select the relevant option when creating your project, you can download the certified translation from your account at the promised time of delivery.
Yes, Protranslate team of expert editors and proofreaders can provide you with the necessary services in exchange for a reasonable fee.
 Yes, we can provide test translation for cover letters depending on the availability of our linguists.
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Received my cover letter translated into two languages within the same day. Thanks for your efforts.
The cover letter Spanish translation enabled me to get my dream job in Spain! I will always be grateful to Protranslate team.
My cover letter is definitely translated with a clear understanding of engineering sector.
Competitive prices and top-notch service for your cover letter translation needs. . .