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Protranslate offers certified business card translation services in over 70 languages! Including Chinese and Japanese business card translation services!

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Business Card Translation Services


Protranslate offers a premium business card translation service in over 70 languages. So whether in bulk, or in 30 different languages for one card, anything and everything is possible.As a matter of fact,out of all the Business card online translation services that are performed by our team,the Chinese business card translation is the most highly requested. As one of the leading business card translation companies, you can be assured that all of our linguists including translators, editors and proofreaders have both experience, qualifications and are tested and fluent in whichever given language you select with the online platform. So look no further, Protranslate is the business card translation agency for you providing a business card translation fee you won’t be able to walk away from.

Professional Business Card Translation

Beyond standard business card translation services, Protranslate aims to provide a sense of security for all users. So they can be assured of quality. This is why Protranslate has also established itself as one of the leading sworn business card translation agencies. This provides a second tier of assurance as a business card translation company. So why look for another business card translation bureau, simply sign up and in a few clicks get your business card translation quote today.

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Online Business Card Translation Firm


Protranslate provides all business card translation services online with an easy to use user platform. Allowing for official business card translation to be accessible to everyone, 24/7 and no mater where you are in the world. Furthermore it allows for reasonable business card translation prices due to the online platform and absolutely zero hidden business card translation charges. Protranslate standing out from other business card translation offices is transparent, honest, and forthcoming when it comes to business card translation rates. Establishing a trust between the user and the company with a just and fair business card translation rate and excellent quality. Sign up today for your business card translation cost and let’s get started together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business card translation is typically affordable but will vary depending on language. Sign up for a free quote to find out how much your business card translation will cost!
Not a problem. Simply upload your original business card and let us know what you need done and by when and Protranslate will get it done quickly.
Absolutely. It just takes a few clicks to get a quote with Protranslate. Just make a profile, upload and we will generate one for you in seconds.
The breakdown can be provided with the invoice, but will include a service fee, the language selected, and depending, any visuals you need adjusted for localization purposes.
There are not really business card translation bureaus. Typically there are companies that design business cards and may have a simple translation option, but the translation will not be done by a translator so the quality of translation can’t always be guaranteed. It is best to go with a translation company like Protranslate.
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We needed Chinese business card translation done or we would have had no way of understanding how to get in touch with new prospects. It was a great help to our business and extremely easy. No hassle or stress on our end which was great. I would recommend Protranslate t
business card translation for Japanese was a big concern for our company. Given we couldn’t verify ourselves if the translation was correct. But the feedback we got from our clients was fantastic. I will use Protranslate as a partner like this for all future projects.
Protranslate gave us a great and affordable business card translation charge on top of that a fantastic job in a very short amount of time. Truly a one stop shop for all your needs.
I used Protranslate for Japanese business card translation and they even reformatted the visuals to localize the look and feel of the business card. That was far beyond my expectations and I was very pleased.