Transcripts Translation Service

Welcome to the most recognized website for Transcripts Translation, Protranslate. Through our user-friendly translation platform you can smoothly submit your transcripts to be translated from all languages to all languages. There is no need to search for a professional translator as you are now able to upload your transcripts, select the source language and have them translated to any other language you require. We pay attention to the different technical words that might differ from country to country; for example, the transcripts of Canadian schools and universities differ from that of British schools and universities.
As per the content, you can additionally indicate the type of translation: Legal, Technical, Academic… The submitted file is reviewed and instantly word-calculated on our system providing you with the approximate due date. Your file is then assigned to one of our expert translators depending on its technical context. You can request your file to go through the review and proof-reading service. You are confidently able to use your transcripts in whichever language you choose as soon as this process is finalized! Simply press the submit button and your Transcripts are in good hands. ​​