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Online Transcription Services

Transcription is an extremely time-consuming yet an extremely vital process for so many areas. Especially in legal or academic matters, transcriptions may stand as the base for whatever is meant to be built. Protranslate is now proud to offer certified transcription services along with many other services. We offer a wide range of services such as speech to text transcription service or audio to text transcription service. For a trustworthy online transcription service, Protranslate is right here!

Among the services Protranslate offers there is voicemail transcription, video transcription, voice transcription and many others. To translate voicemail to text you can get help from Protranslate. While you may find many companies that provide transcription services online, you may find that it is rare to have transcription translation within those services that offer reasonable transcription fees as Protranslate. However, as the growing need became notable in the area, steps towards meeting the need have been taken recently. Protranslate is one of the best online transcription services and Protranslate is famous for medical transciption services online or Korean transciption services as well as other transciption services.

Transcription Services Near Me

Being only one click away from you, Protranslate is ready to help you with voicemail transcription, video transcriptions and many other possible variations. Recordings are undoubtfully useful if you are working in an area where you need to go over what has been said exactly again and again. In Protranslate we can make for you transcription audio to text  and transcription with the following translation to another language. If you wonder why would you need transcription companies for such a chore, you may try to do transcription in legal or academic areas and see how it may disrupt all your timeline of work.If you are searching for medical transcription service providers as well, then you are at the right place!

In online space, you may find several services including a transcription website but their references may not be enough to please you. Regardless you may feel tempted because of their low transcription costs. Protranslate ensures backed references, high-quality performance and the best transcription rates. If you’re wondering about transcription rate per minute, do not hesitate to reach out!

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Video Transcription Services

While transcribing a recording is challenging, a video transcription requires twice the attention you are giving. You need to consider transcription quotes, and in content wise, facial expressions that may be relevant to the context and mimics that may be interesting within the subject. A similar challenge can be seen in a voicemail transcription. Whereas videos provide too many external factors to transcribe, voicemails provide too little of them. You may need to go over the same five seconds for many times and not make any sense regardless. So that you wouldn’t feel disappointed in such an instance, Protranslate employs trusted linguists and transcribers who are competent and highly qualified.

Needing a transcription online is becoming more and more prominent nowadays. Luckily, as always, Protranslate is ready to take over your challenging assignments with expert transcribers, linguists and qualified customer services along with express answers. Be it a translation or a transcription, Protranslate is ready to help you with all possibilities.

We have a growing list of happy clients and we would very much like to see your name among this list. You can now initiate the process by clicking on “Get Instant Quote Now!” and take your place among this list. We do our best to improve our translation website and are looking forward to receiving your feedback about our work!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use your credit card (MasterCard or VISA) or bank transfers.
Protranslate has a multi-step elimination process while choosing transcribers. We request many samples and references before recruiting. Plus, Protranslate linguists go through elimination steps backed by translation tests to be evaluated.
Transcription is a sensitive process that needs accuracy in putting down everything that is vocalized, be it grammatically correct or not. Contact us for more details regarding the editing service.
Of course! This is another service that Protranslate started providing recently.
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Loved the communication and quality performance. Definitely recommending.
The most time-consuming part of my job is handled with care thanks to Protranslate. All I need to do is write my paper with care now.
I won’t be needing another diligent research to find a transcriber. Protranslate is my new address.
Protranslate might be the best transcription service online solution for any need. I don't know about you guys but it's the best transcription service near me, so, we will be working together quite often. Thanks, Protranslate!