What Is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is rewriting or rewording of what you have read or learned in your own words without distorting the meaning. While paraphrasing, it is important to make the reader feel that you have understood the subject thoroughly and are transmitting it correctly.

Paraphrasing is much more than just rewriting the text by changing some words. What matters is to understand another person’s ideas and sentences and retelling them.


In what situations is paraphrasing needed?

In some situations, plagiarism must be avoided, especially the information mentioned in academic texts, theses, and articles referred to without citation must be paraphrased.

In such situations, since the resource is usually another academic article, thesis or a blog and website text, the one who is paraphrasing must be an expert in the same field.


How do you paraphrase from a source text?

Though there are many online applications you can use for paraphrasing, these applications are no substitute for a human. Just as in translation. Paraphrasing service highly demanded for especially academic texts must be performed by a professional translator or someone who has mastery over the source language. Otherwise, one may face the risk of plagiarism. These steps should be taken in order to avoid plagiarism:

  • The source text should be read time and time again so as to comprehend the messages in the source text completely.
  • It is more appropriate to divide the information conveyed in one sentence in the source text into a few sentences while paraphrasing.
  • Once the rewriting process starts, checking the original text as little as possible will ensure a more valid paraphrasing process.
  • While using synonyms of the words in the source text, utmost care should be given to ensure that the sentence has the same meaning as the sentence in the original text.
  • To borrow as few words as possible from the source text while paraphrasing. This phase is important and must be done carefully in that it involves the possibility of approaching the rewritten text into the realm of plagiarism.


The factors that should be considered while paraphrasing:

  • Not adding more information to the new text than what is conveyed in the source text.
  • Instead of changing each and every sentence, it is more appropriate to focus on the whole of the source text.
  • The main ideas mentioned in the source text should be noted down.

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