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Translation Start-Ups Around The World

Translation as a business is quickly picking up speed. With technological advancements such as artificial intelligence, as well there is every kind of service out there available including localization, website translation, medical translation, and many more. Many translation start-ups appeared in the international arena meanwhile the individual human translator is slowly being pushed out and replaced by technology. Because of this, starting up a translation business has become a goal for many. However, there is one element to this that Protranslate has honed in on. Protranslate professional translation platform has focused on technology and the developments that bring services to the future, but never let go of the power of a human translator and its ability to understand nuances that a computer still cannot currently. It is this merging of concepts that have allowed Protranslate to remain in the lead.

Translation Start-Ups: The Story Of Success

To give credit where deserved though, companies like Waygo, Dakwak, VerbalizIt, Gengo, Smartcat and of course Protranslate have truly mastered business startup for translation. Some of these startups even light the path for others with their unprecedented success stories. For example, Smartcat managed to find itself a place in Forbes’ “America’s Top 500 Startup Employers” list even though it’s a relatively new startup. EasyTranslate is another good example. Denmark-based language services and technology startup was among the fastest-growing language service providers back in 2019. Of course, it is not even easy for a startup to keep going after a few years. AngelList, a platform for startups, startup employees, and investors, shared statistics with some critical information related to the translation startup ecosystem.

According to these statistics, 20% of all the translation startups from 2011 to 2018 ended up “dead” by the end of 2018.  So, let alone inspiring other companies with their success stories, it’s even hard to survive for startups and this makes Protranslate and all those companies we have mentioned really special. What makes them shine among the others is their ability to see from a different point. Standing out for its services in terms of technology and in the variety of services, Protranslate certainly values new and useful ideas. But, to pinpoint it, what brings about their success? What is the perfect translation agency business model? The answer for Protranslate is a disruptive business model. This means offering some of the hardest languages to translate as well as neural machine translation services and region-specific SEO content writing and translation services, at the same time never forgetting the power of humans.

Furthermore, to truly create business disruption, Protranslate had to make their translation services’ business model easy. This meant keeping in mind the fundamentally important elements in the translation process. Protranslate’s goal is to ensure that users would have everything and anything they needed within just a few clicks. This type of approach is what has allowed Protranslate to establish itself as one of the Top Machine Translation Start-ups as well as human translation start-up. Thus offering the best of them both in the world on a 24/7 basis to everyone including business professionals as well as students.

Some of Protranslate’s Services

When Protranslate first started and began to think of the best way to enter translation start-up ecosystem, reviewing different translation and interpretation business models one very important notion emerged: Technology would have to be at the forefront for Protranslate from the services offered to the user experience in addition to the second tier of human correction, review, and translation. Only this would allow for a truly elite machine translation service and enable providing leading language services.  Protranslate ensured a strong position in the technology market that would stand out from the competition.

This meant providing not only machine translators (MTs), but everything including Machine Translation with Statistical, Adaptive and Neural options. To take it further, it was important that CAT Tools to be provided and of course Application Programming Interface (API) integration in order to truly cover the scope from A to Z for both individual and business translation requirements. To truly add the cherry on top Translation Memories (TMs) is offered and of course a network of online translators providing translation services over 70 languages with experience in every industry imaginable. Bringing all of this to one user-friendly platform by merging technology and skilled translators from around the globe in one online place. Protranslate has revolutionized the industry and continues to set the bar for it.

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