Protranslate’s 2019: Our Statistical Infographic

Pprotranslate-statistical-infographicrotranslate’s 2019 Accomplishments:

Now that the first month of 2020 wraps up, Protranslate is looking back on everything that happened in 2019. Afterall, the only way to move forward is to make sure you look at your past. 2019 for Protranslate included rapid expansion and success. Across the board, and reaching every target. Inspiring motivation for what is to happen in the coming year. Protranslate is excited about all past accomplishments and if 2020 is going to be anything like 2019, exciting new developments are sure to unfold. Let’s go through some of what we have accomplished together.


First up on our Statistical Infographic: Expansion

Within the year 2019 Protranslate was able to expand to new regions like CIS, France, Latin America and China. Proving its services are valued globally and not limited to a skill set within one region. With this, Protranslate was able to expand their portfolio, language options, and increase the number of registered translators across the globe. By the end of 2019 there was a total of 8572 translator applications and 743 officially registered translators. Making the mission of bringing easy online translation to everyone everywhere closer and closer to reality. In fact, Protranlsate was able to fill orders from 153 different countries within just one year. If this expansion is any indication, Protranslate can’t wait to expand to more regions in the upcoming quarters as well as sign on more translators to the Protranslate family. Meaning the ability to provide every type of translation service under the sun.


Second up on our Statistical Infographic: Recognition

Not only did Protranslate expand to other geographic regions, it was also awarded the title of Industry leader in online translation platforms in Turkey and Mena region. A title achieved within just one year! This means in 2020 Protranslate can continue making translation easily available to everyone, but also ensure the highest quality. Because you should never have to compromise quality for ease. This was a great feat for 2019 but looking to expand the reputation of industry leader further into other regions throughout the world. Protranslate will always continue to strive for more.


Third on our Statistical Infographic: Projects

In terms of what Protranslate took on as projects, the limits were pushed and exceeded. Handling huge projects such as a translation for over 50,000 SKUs within just 3 days between 38 translators. Confirming that Protranslate really can deliver any project, in record time. Additionally establishing 70% of its traffic internationally and taking on projects from around the globe. And in total achieving 1,900,000+ visitors to the website within 2019. What else did Protranslate do? Not only take on projects but recognize the importance of spreading knowledge whenever we can. Having provided Ecommerce Localization sessions to over 6000 people within just 4 conferences and one training. Making sure people everywhere know the best way and the best strategy to achieve success in their own businesses.


What does this mean for 2020? More traffic, more projects, and expanding the translation database. Finishing 2019 with 8,713,457 words in the translation database Protranslate aims to double this by next year. Establishing itself quickly as a leading translation company around the world.

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