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Most Popular Online Payment Methods in Italy

Although Italy is not perceived as one of the strongest players in terms of European economy, it offers a lot of opportunities to the local businesses looking to expand internationally and grow exponentially. If you happen to be an owner of an online business or interested in how people pay in Italy, keep reading to find out more about how to follow the steps of localization on your way to Italy, especially what to do when it comes to payment phenomena including online payment tools as well as tips for online payment methods for small business operating outside of Italy.  Let’s begin!

Okay, we have made the decision to expand to Italy. First, we need to localize our content including the website, products and services, and so on. In addition to planning your resources and budgeting, running localization operations for your target market and doing all the necessary digital marketing work, there is also one more thing: figuring out how to receive payments from Italy. This is a very crucial step! Not only for receiving payments but also to make refunds when necessary, you need to know everything related to payments including alternative online payment methods to Amazon payment methods, should you are a merchant.


Looking Closer to Italian Buyers and Methods of Payment in Italy

Each country has different payment methods as well as common ones such as Paypal payment methods, Google payment methods etc. This has to do with what is available at each country and region but other factors can come into play as well. Either traditional methods such as payment method ACH, EFT payment method, or alternative payment methods such as iTunes payment method are being used every single second. Keep reading to find out more about the best online payment methods as well as the offline ones to help you reach Italian e-shoppers.

In Italy, we see different methods of payment and purchasing style than we have seen in other countries so far. That being said, previously in store shopping was extremely popular. Overtime, online shopping is gaining some traction, increasing by almost 13% every year. Either way, online marketing is a great way to ensure conversions no matter if they are coming from offline or online. When we take a look at the big picture, online shopping in Italy is 4% of the European e-commerce overall currently. This means that you are going to be one of the strongest players in the e-commerce sector if you be quick on the draw since it is expected that Italy’s e-commerce sphere will grow eventually as in other countries.


Payment Preferences of Italian People

In terms of payment preferences, to put it simply, Italians love cash. Why is that? Studies show that Italians believe cash to be the fastest form of payment. Furthermore, in terms of finances, they are able to track their spending more easily as opposed to making any purchases via types of payment methods online. Online shopping comes off as illusive and harder to track how much you spend each day, week, month etc.

However, that being said, online payments are still and will be on the rise. Furthermore, it seems as technology increases online banking and apps may be increasing. For example mobile banking specifically is getting some popular attention across the country as well as online payments. Currently,  Italian e-commerce merchants use apps like Shpock, Aliexpress, Zalando, and Yoox as a gateway to reach Italian consumers. You can also be one of them if you already have registered stores on these platforms.


Mobile and E-commerce Payment Methods in Italy

Now, let’s take a look at some numbers and facts before we dive into the world’s most popular online payment methods as well as offlines concerning Italy. Mobile and e-commerce concepts go hand in hand, and we already know that an e-merchant has to make her/his products and services available both from web and mobile.

As of 2020, €3.8 Billion worth of purchases made in-app and €3.8 Billion made via the web. The mobile e-commerce market is growing rapidly and its expected to grow at a 28% annual growth rate unit 2021. And, as for last year: €7 Billion worth of e-commerce transactions were completed on mobile devices.  Lastly, as Italians have a 68.5% penetration rate of using smartphones, it is a great chance to invest in mobile integrated e-commerce payment options for your customers’ convenience.


Italy Payment Methods and Service Providers

In terms of payment preferences in Italy online payment methods are offered with a wider variation by the payment providers than the average European country. To give another example: in Italy, across the country, there are 54 payment providers, and within the Netherlands just around 20. In terms of user favorites? It is as follows: Visa (including Carta Si and PostePay), MasterCard, PayPal, SEPA credit transfer, and MyBank. As we can see, despite differences in GDP per capita, we still see the repeating trend of card preference and a multitude of options. When it comes to online shopping, credit cards are the most common way of purchasing. Global companies such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover make it possible for buyers to make purchases securely.


List of Payment Methods in Italy

CartaSi by nexi




  • One of the most popular payment methods in Italy.
  • Market leader in the Italian online market.
  • Over 2 billion transactions and 13 million credit cards are in use currently.
  • Does collaborations with Visa and Mastercard at MultiSafepay.


google play payment method








  • Regional money transaction platform.
  • Jiffy Card can be linked directly to the user’s IBAN.
  • Identified by phone number.
  • Available in all SEPA region.
  • Also makes it possible to make a donation to NGOs.


itunes payment method





  • Enables users to send and receive wire transfers for free.
  • Transfers in seconds across the Eurozone.
  • Also available for children who are older than 12.


apple id payment method






  • Connects consumers and businesses with a bank account.
  • One of the most convenient processes for withdrawal or refund.
  • Available all bank account owners in Europe


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