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Multimedia Localization Explained

What is Multimedia?

Let’s start with this question. Put simply: Multimedia is content. This content includes video, audio, flash movies, animation, eLearning content, rich media, and any interactive materials. It is more than text and involves a more immersive and interactive user experience. It is some of the most effective content for digital marketing as it is more engaging and enticing to users as opposed to just a simple text.


Multimedia Localization

What is multimedia localization? It is the process of taking that interactive content and modifying it to fit the context, needs, social norms, and cultural differences of the new target audience. This is done in order for brands to spread this content across various regions across the globe and have it be well received by various audiences. This can also be considered multimedia content translation when you consider the adjustments being done to the original content. It is essentially adjusting content for any audience you can imagine around the globe.


Multimedia Localization Services

Multimedia localization is an extremely complex process including various tasks. The following list includes some of the multimedia localization jobs needed to ensure quality translations.

  1. Original text and audio is transcribed and then translated.
  2. Content is localized – ensuring the lingo is current, relatable, and contextually relevant.
  3. Voice-overs are re-done by someone from the target audience.
  4. Subtitles are rewritten or added.
  5. Dubbing – ensuring the background music, clips or animations are culturally relevant and contextual for the target audience.
  6. Graphic designs & text – currency, dates, and any other graphics should be redone so that the new audience will receive the same message and experience as the audience of the original content.


What is Social Media Localization & How is it Different than Multimedia Localization?

Social media localization is the next step after localizing your website, product or services. After all, social media is the most popular of channels and the best way to get closer to your consumers. Furthermore, because social media is interactive, it gives great insight into your consumers! However, it is crucial here to remember the localization aspect. Because, a general message to a general audience will have not nearly the same effect as a message customized to various audience segments. So even when it comes to social media ensuring the content is localized is the key. Not only for how the message will be received but because social media can actually provide the brand with extremely valuable insights.

Here are a couple of ways social media localization can have a positive impact:

  • See which content is getting liked, added to favourites, shared, retweeted etc. to understand how successful your localized content is and what changes might need to be made.
  • Read reviews & comments to gauge what changes you need to make in order to have your content resonate more with your users.
  • You can then compare the comments, needs, and feedback from audiences in different regions. Determine specifically what content is needed for each market. You might discover patterns you could have never predicted.
  • You can drive more traffic to your website with effective social media localization.


Why is Multimedia Localization Important?

Given now we have a better understanding of what each of the elements is within multimedia localization, lets review:

Firstly, multimedia is a very powerful form of communication. It reaches people in a much deeper way than words because of its immersive qualities. Therefore if you can localize this content you are creating a much more powerful bond with your customers.

The difficulty in multimedia localization is ensuring the highest quality. Using multimedia localization companies, such as Protranslate can help with this issue. It is important as the goal of the final content is not to create a second “lesser than” version of the original content, but have it appear as good as the original. Tailored precisely to meet the expectations and norms of each desired localization. Multimedia localization providers do this, in addition to ensuring speed. After all, time is money, and the faster you can reach more markets, the more revenue your company will generate. Multimedia localization is truly a new channel and approach to bring your business to the next level.

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