Marketplace Localization: How to Compete with Locals on Amazon When It Is Only Your Second Language?

Amazon covers a really large market share as the current situation where e-commerce is more popular than it has ever been. For those who may not know, Amazon is an e-commerce marketplace and cloud services company. Both with its sales volume and marketing value, it is considered to be the largest online retailer. You can either be a seller or a buyer in Amazon. Especially if you are a seller, Amazon is a place full of opportunities for you to sell your goods online and make them accessible to any Amazon user. However, being a seller in your own language is not enough these days. That’s why you need marketplace localization if you’re aiming for international markets.

In that sense, Amazon is a great medium for sellers willing to gain new customers from the countries where Amazon operates at. As you would do in any online shopping website, there are couples of things to do. You need to arrange how to present your goods or services, start a campaign or create an effective sales technique along with a catchy slogan. Indeed, it is much easier to do in your mother-tongue than to do in another language. However, you can always depend on a professional help while starting out, but you are very welcome to keep reading if you need to learn a few tips beforehand. In this post, we will cover how to achieve success via marketplace localization. Enjoy!


Before The Marketplace Localization Stage

First of all, to become one of the Amazon sellers, you need to follow a few steps. Of course, you need to start by creating an Amazon seller account. Then you need to list your products, manage your inventory and that is basically it. You would be good to go. However easy that may sound, the real challenge is to conform to the rules of Amazon listing and conquer the ranking by having an effective and efficient marketing strategy.

An Amazon product listing is the individual page where all the information regarding your product is being displayed and it exists separately for each product you sell on Amazon. The listing would include everything you enter while setting up your listing, the title, the content, the features, description, images and price. As mentioned above, Amazon is the biggest online retailer; thus, you need to put in extra effort to highlight your brand and your products among all other Amazon sellers. The first rule in doing so would be incorporating Amazon marketplace localization within all your products.


Going Global on Amazon

If you are especially looking forward to raising your ranking on a global scale, you will need to provide a name, a title and a description for your products in many other languages. This will require you to translate your Amazon listing and open yourself up for business in foreign markets. However, a simple direct translation would classify as inadequate if you want your ranking to be high. To rank higher, you need to make use of Amazon marketplace localization.

Localization may be a term that you are familiar with as it is required in many areas nowadays, but you may need to discover a bit more about Amazon market localization. As pointed out, nowadays direct translations are not efficient enough to increase click or view rates. Context has become more important than ever, especially in the marketing area. People started to search for features in a product that would answer the needs of their region. For example, for a customer that lives in a rainy region, it would not matter if an umbrella provides protection from sunlight, but it matters if that umbrella would survive a 5-days-straight rain while the other way around is viable for another customer that lives in a sunny region.

Considering also the fact that those customers speak two different languages, your strategy needs to include not only translating the features of your umbrella but to highlight the most valuable aspect of your umbrella for two different regions in two different languages. Our localization translation services can be a solution for this case. Amazon market localization comes in handy precisely for such instances. By making use of it, you may observe the rise of your brand, higher and faster than ever.


Wrap Up

Being an Amazon seller is rather easy due to the easy steps we’ve covered before, but ranking well in Amazon markets especially if it is a foreign market, takes time and effort. Regardless, it is visibly easy when you know the appropriate strategies to implement, such as Amazon markets localization. With simple rearrangements, your business can grow bigger than ever. Reach out to to see how we can help you achieve success.

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