Learning a Foreign Language by the Exposure Technique

One of the most important things in learning a foreign language is being exposed to it as much as possible. A child who starts to learn how to speak first begins to make sense of what she hears, then imitates, and at last tries to express herself. We can say that in the basis of learning a foreign language, there is exposure. A lot of people may not get to have the experience to live in the same place as the people who speaks the language they want to learn, thus as part of exposure, we present 5 easy language learning techniques in our article that you can make use of. Keep reading.

Most Effective Ways to Learn Foreign Language

1) Watching movies in a foreign language with subtitles

When talking about learning a foreign language by exposure, the first thing that comes to mind is watching movies in a foreign language with subtitles. Watching a movie in its original language helps with both improving your pronunciation and teaching you many new words by bringing them together with expressions and actions.

2) Set your phone in the language you want to learn 

This step among the foreign language learning techniques adds another convenience to our lives with cell phones. While learning new vocabulary, being constantly exposed to these every day will maximize your time to remember them. Setting not only your phone but also your social media accounts to a foreign language will provide great support in your language learning process.

3) Watch YouTube videos

There are countless number of YouTube videos that feature foreign language learning methods. However, some people find these videos boring and avoid watching them, so they might not be for everyone. Instead of this, you could follow the popular vloggers and channels that speak the language you are trying to learn.

4) Meet with people who speak the language in your area

The best way to learn a language is to make friends who speak that language. You can both socialize and improve your language skills by joining language conversation clubs, international dinners at universities, and Facebook groups organizing events for foreigners. Joining such environments and making friends with foreigners is the most effective language learning method; don’t be shy.

5) Listen to songs in the language you are learning

We can’t tell that the easiest way to learn a language is by translating songs, but it is the most pleasant way. Listening to foreign songs is one of the most effortless ways to learn a language through exposure. While working, walking, or waiting for a bus, listening to foreign songs is a way to learn new vocabulary and grammar rules without noticing or putting extra time into it. Listening to a song and translating language after helps you both like the language more and to improve your pronunciation.

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