What Is Proofreading, How To Do Proofreading?

This post will be informing you about what is proofreading and how to do proofreading in an efficient way. We’ll share some tips and trips on the process, and also talk about the aim of proofreading.

What is proofreading anyway?

Proofreading is a delicate process which helps you get your papers to their best potentials. There are numerous aspects those determine the quality of a text in certain applications. For example, you couldn’t afford to make spelling mistakes in a legal document translation, or you would try to avoid contextually misleading sings in your commercial translations. Even though everyone can make mistakes, one of the most important skills is proofreading when it comes to success.

Let’s start with our tips and tricks:

-Make sure that you’re handling your text as a whole.

One of the biggest mistakes of online translation service providers is that they take the text apart and translate individually instead of properly translating the text as a whole.

-Don’t rush!

Proofreading is generally about detecting your own errors and they are hard to see for your own eyes. Therefore, you should always take short breaks in your sessions and revise your work over and over again.

-Get rid of the unnecessary parts.

A text is generally as powerful as it’s neat and tidy. Having all of your unnecessary content out is extremely important for you. It will also be easier to detect your mistakes as your text gets cleaner.

-Know what you’re looking for.

Look for the commonly made mistakes to speed your progress up. Having professional support for your proofreading can be really helpful too.

-Hard-copy is always good.

Even though there are helpful software which can help you by detecting your mistakes, it’s almost always better to do your proofreading on paper. It’s also less dangerous for your eyes!

-Read out loud when proofreading.

Your eyes can be misleading and too fast to see some small but dangerous mistakes. Reading your texts out loud limits your speed to a reasonable level and often offers more successful results.

-Use a blank page to see only one line at a time.

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, when you see a whole page it’s much harder for you to see your mistakes (especially spelling mistakes). Blocking your text except the one you’re checking at that moment surely will give you an easier time.

-Polish with software.

After going over your text thoroughly enough, let your computer check your text if it sees any errors left. Remember that it’s possible to make mistakes while correcting your earlier mistakes.


Important Note From Experts

It’s told in this post that proofreading is an extremely delicate process that needs to be done by an expert translator. Remember that you can always use the online proofreading service of Protranslate, which will let professional translators and proofreading experts take care of your work.

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