Not everyone who speaks a foreign language can act as a translator. The first condition that is required to be a translator is to have a full command of the language to be translated. Besides, it is necessary to have an extensive vocabulary of the language to be translated.

At the same time, the translator must grasp the culture of the language he or she would translate, because if the translator does not have enough information on the culture, inconsistencies will occur regardless of the translator’s level of language. The ones who satisfy the abovementioned conditions are considered qualified to translate general texts. However, general texts constitute the lowest level in the translation profession. With the increasing translation needs, various areas of translation have emerged in accordance with a lot of profession and expertise. Even when somebody has satisfied the conditions to translate general texts, he or she will have difficulties when asked to translate a document in an area of expertise. For example, a translator who is required to translate a medical document will not be able to fulfill this task without knowing the medical terms even if he or she has a full command of the language to be translated. In this case, translators who have an area of expertise are one step ahead of those who don’t. Those who want to be a translator should take this situation into account. Improving themselves in at least one area of expertise will provide an advantage for them. The translators who improved themselves in more than one area are in great demand in this sector. If you interested to master your skills, we recommend checking book recommendations for translators.

When we examine translation profession from the perspective of education?

Those who want to receive education on translation at a university should apply to the department of translation and interpreting. In this department, the students are educated in such a way to perform both written and verbal translation (interpreting). Those who graduated from this department can successfully do translations in areas such as literature, law, and economics. This phenomenon is a great advantage for translation and interpreting department graduates.

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